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The following is a list of the most recent News Releases by Marmon/Keystone LLC. If you need further details regarding archived news releases or any other information, please feel free to email us.

2/29/2016 Marmon/Keystone Launches New "Mobile-Friendly" Website
2/17/2016 Marmon/Keystone Announces Retirement
1/21/2016 Marmon Distribution and Marmon/Keystone Announce Two Retirements
1/14/2016 Marmon/Keystone Announces Two Director Promotions
12/17/2015 Marmon/Keystone's L.A. Branch Offers Laser Tube Cutting
10/8/2015 Bushwick Metals Announces New President
9/3/2015 Marmon/Keystone Canada Expands Alberta Metals Service Center
8/25/2015 Marmon/Keystone Updates Phone Systems in Denver, Seattle and Kansas City
8/6/2015 Marmon/Keystone's National Break Bulk Facility Expands
6/11/2015 Marmon/Keystone Honors Top Suppliers
5/19/2015 Marmon/Keystone Opens Midwest Carbon Pipe Depot
4/28/2015 Marmon/Keystone, Bushwick Metals Sign Logistics Agreements
4/16/2015 Marmon/Keystone's Staci Griffin Promoted to West Coast District Manager
4/9/2015 Marmon/Keystone Installs New Equipment in Los Angeles
3/12/2015 Marmon/Keystone Announces VP Promotions of Baucom, Glaser
3/3/2015 Marmon/Keystone Stocks New Houston Pipe Depot
1/15/2015 Marmon/Keystone Upgrades Phone System in Charlotte
1/8/2015 Bushwick Metals Installs Companywide Communications System
12/16/2014 Marmon/Keystone Corporate Employees Give Back to Community
10/21/2014 Marmon/Keystone Expands Western Seamless Pipe Depot
10/9/2014 Marmon/Keystone Rewards Employees' Focus on Quality Improvement
9/23/2014 M/K Canada Updates Transportation Process in Ontario Region
7/25/2014 Marmon/Keystone Acknowledges Top Suppliers
4/15/2014 Future Metals Opens Dayton, Ohio Service Center
4/1/2014 Marmon/Keystone Attends CONEXPO-CON/AGG Trade Show
3/25/2014 Marmon/Keystone's Blakley Promoted to White Metals Product Manager
2/12/2014 Marmon/Keystone's Lenhart Promoted to VP, Other Changes Announced
2/4/2014 Marmon/Keystone President J.T. "Tim" Spatafore to Retire
1/7/2014 Marmon/Keystone Employees Share with Local Community
12/18/2013 Marmon/Keystone Invests in New Fleet of Trailers
12/12/2013 Bushwick Metals' Value Added Services Continue to Grow
11/25/2013 Marmon/Keystone Canada Constructs New Saskatchewan Facility
11/20/2013 Marmon/Keystone Completes Construction in McConnellsburg, PA
11/12/2013 Future Metals Plans Dayton, Ohio Metals Service Center
11/5/2013 Marmon/Keystone Expands Carbon Pipe Inventory
10/22/2013 Marmon/Keystone's Nashville Metals Service Center Holds Open House
10/1/2013 Future Metals Relocates, Expands Operations in England
9/24/2013 Marmon/Keystone's Automated Invoicing Increases Accuracy, Efficiency
9/18/2013 Marmon/Keystone Holds Company-Wide Celebration of Quality Improvement Process
9/6/2013 Marmon Distribution Services President to Retire, Successor Named
7/23/2013 Marmon/Keystone Employees Ratify Contract in Kansas City
7/16/2013 Marmon/Keystone Recognizes Top Suppliers
7/2/2013 Marmon/Keystone's Charlotte Branch Upgrades Equipment
6/12/2013 Marmon/Keystone Invests in Larger McConnellsburg, PA Facility
5/8/2013 Marmon/Keystone Establishes Metals Service Center in Nashville
4/2/2013 Marmon/Keystone Canada Opens Quebec City Service Center
3/26/2013 Marmon/Keystone's Cleveland Branch Earns ISO Certification
2/26/2013 Marmon/Keystone Opens Newly Constructed Birmingham Service Center
2/20/2013 Marmon/Keystone Increases Service in Pacific Northwest
2/13/2013 Marmon/Keystone Launches Mobile App For Customers
2/6/2013 Marmon/Keystone Canada Updates Websites
2/1/2013 Marmon Distribution Services' Wilkinson Assumes Added Responsibilities
12/27/2012 Marmon/Keystone Upgrades Telephone Systems
12/17/2012 Future Metals' Texas Service Center Upgrades to Larger Facility
12/10/2012 Marmon/Keystone Opens West Coast Mechanical Tubing Depot
11/26/2012 Bushwick Metals Offers New Value Added and Rebar Services
10/22/2012 Marmon/Keystone Relocates and Expands Mexico City Service Center
9/25/2012 Marmon/Keystone Canada Announces 2013 Leadership Change
9/4/2012 Bushwick Metals Acquires Tarco Steel
8/13/2012 Marmon/Keystone Expands Alloy Inventory
7/31/2012 Marmon/Keystone Hosts Open House in Tulsa
7/17/2012 Marmon/Keystone Holds Supplier Recognition Day
6/18/2012 Marmon/Keystone Canada Increases Cutting Capabilities in Alberta
5/29/2012 Marmon/Keystone Adds New Saw in Minnesota
4/23/2012 Marmon/Keystone Advances Warehouse Automation With Handheld Devices
4/9/2012 Marmon/Keystone Opens Stainless Bar Depot
3/20/2012 Marmon/Keystone's Birmingham Branch Undeterred by Tornado
3/5/2012 Marmon/Keystone Announces Safety Accomplishments
2/13/2012 Marmon/Keystone Installs Saw in New Castle
2/6/2012 Marmon/Keystone Opens Tulsa Facility
1/30/2012 Marmon/Keystone Develops Mill Test Report System
1/23/2012 Marmon/Keystone's Birmingham Branch Impacted by Storm
1/16/2012 Marmon/Keystone Kentucky Branch Invests In Saws
1/9/2012 Marmon/Keystone Utilizes Latest Technology
1/2/2012 Marmon/Keystone Announces Four Vice President Promotions
12/20/2011 Marmon/Keystone Announces President, Vice President Promotions
11/28/2011 Marmon/Keystone Chicago Office Relocated
11/17/2011 Marmon/Keystone Adds West Coast Stainless Depot
10/24/2011 Marmon/Keystone Establishes Value Added Processing Center
10/17/2011 Marmon/Keystone Celebrates Quality Improvement Process
9/30/2011 Marmon/Keystone Canada Purchases New Saw
9/8/2011 Marmon/Keystone Butler Employees Ratify Contract
9/2/2011 Marmon/Keystone Adds High-Speed Band Saws
8/1/2011 Marmon/Keystone's Atlanta Branch Invests in Saws
7/20/2011 Marmon/Keystone Canada Acquires New Saw
7/15/2011 Marmon/Keystone Honors Top Suppliers
7/5/2011 Marmon/Keystone's Bucyrus Location Adds Overhead Crane
6/15/2011 Marmon/Keystone Expands Monterrey, Mexico Operation
5/16/2011 Marmon/Keystone Canada Adds Account Manager
5/9/2011 Marmon/Keystone Introduces Automated Warehouse System
5/6/2011 Marmon/Keystone Acquires New Equipment in Fort Worth
4/27/2011 Marmon/Keystone Appoints West Coast Value Added Manager
4/4/2011 Marmon/Keystone's Online Product Search Updated
4/1/2011 Bushwick Metals Announces Three Promotions
3/29/2011 Marmon/Keystone Announces Change in Branch Management
3/21/2011 Marmon/Keystone's Bucyrus Location Unveils High-Speed Band Saw
3/16/2011 Marmon/Keystone's Burdette Promoted to Value Added Manager
3/4/2011 Marmon/Keystone Renews Warehouse Lease
2/22/2011 Marmon/Keystone Opens Hot Rolled Depot on West Coast
12/3/2010 Marmon/Keystone opens new division
11/30/2010 Marmon/Keystone announces management appointments
11/8/2010 Marmon/Keystone's newest service center in full operation
10/29/2010 Marmon/Keystone renews sales office lease
10/22/2010 Marmon/Keystone installs high speed band saw
10/8/2010 Marmon/Keystone employees approve contract
8/12/2010 Bushwick Metals wins energy conscious award
8/3/2010 Marmon/Keystone appoints three to management posts
7/27/2010 Marmon/Keystone Canada upgrades telephone system
7/15/2010 Marmon/Keystone recognizes quality suppliers
6/29/2010 Marmon/Keystone hosts Open House
6/10/2010 Marmon/Keystone renews warehouse lease
5/14/2010 Marmon/Keystone Canada names executive VP
4/20/2010 Marmon/Keystone announces promotion, retirement
3/18/2010 Marmon/Keystone installs CNC band saw
2/19/2010 Future Metals opens service center in Connecticut
2/11/2010 Marmon/Keystone announces construction of new warehouse
1/26/2010 Marmon/Keystone adds Account Manager
1/12/2010 Marmon/Keystone's safety record at new high
11/2/2009 Marmon/Keystone installs video conferencing system
10/29/2009 Marmon/Keystone adds stainless bar depot
10/23/2009 Marmon/Keystone renews contract with AT&T
10/12/2009 Future Metals appoints Ruggiero vice president
10/2/2009 Marmon/Keystone Canada constructs new Manitoba facility
8/24/2009 Marmon/Keystone announces management positions
7/16/2009 Marmon/Keystone recognizes quality suppliers
6/19/2009 Marmon/Keystone opens satellite in Queretaro, Mexico
6/10/2009 M/K Express names general manager
3/30/2009 Marmon/Keystone operates satellite in South Dakota
3/18/2009 Marmon/Keystone Canada employees ratify contract
2/16/2009 Future Metals Earns Silver Boeing Performance Excellence Award
1/23/2009 Marmon/Keystone names product, account managers
1/20/2009 Marmon/Keystone Canada names credit manager, sales supervisor
11/24/2008 Marmon/Keystone appoints account manager
11/14/2008 Future Metals appoints sales manager
11/11/2008 Marmon/Keystone names management posts in Salt Lake City, Denve
10/27/2008 Marmon/Keystone employees approve contract
10/23/2008 Marmon/Keystone enters Upper Midwest market
10/17/2008 Marmon/Keystone Canada plans expansion in Winnipeg
9/30/2008 Marmon/Keystone observes quality renewal
9/29/2008 Future Metals to open service center in Singapore
9/11/2008 Marmon/Keystone announces appointments at Corporate, Seattle, He
8/19/2008 AZCO Steel to open service center in California
8/15/2008 Marmon/Keystone announces sales promotions
8/5/2008 Marmon/Keystone opens hot rolled seamless depot
8/1/2008 Marmon/Keystone announces purchasing management changes
7/28/2008 Bushwick-Koons Steel expands Pennsylvania operations
7/21/2008 Marmon/Keystone hosts annual Supplier Quality Day
6/23/2008 Marmon/Keystone expands Cleveland service center
6/16/2008 Marmon/Keystone employees approve contract
6/2/2008 Marmon/Keystone Canada and Summo Steel sign agreement
5/23/2008 Marmon/Keystone installs state-of-the-art telephone system
5/5/2008 Marmon/Keystone announces management appointments
4/29/2008 Marmon/Keystone announces sales appointments
3/7/2008 Denny Derringer named vice president
2/19/2008 Marmon/Keystone opens satellite in Texas
1/28/2008 R. Bono promoted to inside sales manager
1/18/2008 Future Metals earns Boeing award
1/16/2008 Marmon/Keystone announces promotions in accounting, business imp
12/27/2007 Marmon Holdings Acquisition
12/14/2007 Future Metals president L. Benitez retires, M. Borland named suc
12/11/2007 Future Metals names L.Mason regional sales manager
11/12/2007 AZCO to open service center in Arkansas
10/30/2007 LA appoints credit, purchasing managers
10/22/2007 MK upgrades e-commerce, electronic invoicing
10/10/2007 R.Lenhart named national marketing manager
9/28/2007 KC employees approve contract
9/26/2007 Marmon/Keystone observes quality renewal
9/25/2007 Greg Paugh named Birmingham branch manager
9/4/2007 MarmonKeystone adopts 80-20 principle
8/31/2007 Future Metals opens service center in Europe
8/21/2007 Future Metals names F.Ruggiero national marketing manager
8/1/2007 C.Wyant, P.Pigulski named account managers
7/19/2007 MarmonKeystone hosts annual Supplier Quality Day
7/6/2007 MK Canada promotes T.Kirk, D.Laalo
6/21/2007 MarmonKeystone kicks off 100 years with luncheon
5/31/2007 C.Harbison named business development supervisor
4/30/2007 MarmonKeystone names four account managers
4/13/2007 MK Canada expands into Saskachewan
4/4/2007 MarmonKeystone opens service center in Wisconsin
3/8/2007 Acquisition of Victory Tube
3/2/2007 Acquisition of Koons Steel
1/23/2007 MK Express names D.Weldon assistant general manager
1/8/2007 MarmonKeystone observes 100 year anniversary
11/2/2006 MarmonKeystone to build service center in Wisconsin
10/24/2006 MK Express reaches 200,000 shipments
10/12/2006 Carlucci named controller in Canada
9/26/2006 MarmonKeystone observes quality renewal
9/22/2006 MarmonKeystone Canada expands Quebec operation
9/13/2006 MarmonKeystone expands value added offerings
7/6/2006 Rochester service center opens
6/6/2006 Future Metals names Borland marketing director
5/22/2006 Henderson named branch manager at SLC; Peterson retires
5/9/2006 Bushwick installs new computer system
5/3/2006 Satellilte to open at Rochester, N.Y.
4/18/2006 MarmonKeystone opens branch in Mexico City
3/20/2006 MarmonKeystone breaks safety record