About Marmon/Keystone's Mission

About Marmon/Keystone

Our Mission

To create and maintain a positive and ethical work environment where quality employees develop efficient and economical methods to purchase from responsible suppliers and to warehouse, market and timely deliver quality tubular and bar products, and provide related services to responsible customers worldwide to earn an acceptable return on investment while maintaining a manageable rate of growth.


Quality & Customer Satisfaction Are Our Hallmarks 

From our humble beginnings in 1907 until the present, Marmon/Keystone has always been driven by the concept of customer satisfaction. In all aspects of our operations, our commitment to quality and our pledge to customer satisfaction are the primary factors which motivate our daily performance.

Our reputation has been well earned through the winning combination of knowledgeable people, top quality products, availability, and competitive pricing. What sets us apart from the rest of the industry is our consistent dependability. When you deal with Marmon/Keystone, all of our resources become available to meet your needs. The variety of resources offered are integral components of the true measure of value that we deliver. Our aim is to meet your requirements, and even to exceed your expectations.