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Celebrating a Century of Service

1907 to 2007


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Reflections from the President of Marmon/Keystone

Letter written December 31, 2007 and placed in the M/K 100 Year Time Capsule:


In these final days of the year 2007, I find myself contemplating the vast number of events that have taken place not only throughout the world, but particularly within our company, over the past 100 years. I'm humbled to know that I just happen to be the president at this tremendously significant time in our company's history.

If we look back to the events of the early 1900s, we can only imagine what life was like when the Horwitz family began their pipe business. And as our country became more and more industrialized, those early partners had the foresight to be able to compete with oil well suppliers, predict economic trends and know when to diversify the product line.

When the winds of war came about, followed by the Great Depression, the years were surely bleak but the demand for pipe and tubing was still there. One trait our early leaders certainly must have had was persistence; a fierce determination to succeed in a world that was changing drastically.

With World War II came a different economy and a more discriminatory type of customer. Since that era, our standards of living have changed dramatically. Industries everywhere were forced to make adjustments in how they operated. Once again, new cars were on the market, construction of homes soared, and the baby boomers came into being!

Our company made drastic changes too. And we've been doing it ever since. Gone were the branches that supplied pipe to the oil fields, as we welcomed the ability to expand, eventually from coast to coast. The old inventory, a thing of the past, was gradually replaced with thousands of grades and sizes of not only carbon, but stainless, aluminum, and even chromium. Our sales grew into triple digit millions, and our name became a household word in the industry.

Times have been good, but we had had some lean years as well. Two things remain constant; our strength, in both our people and in our quality of product and service, and our focus on the principles of integrity and reliability. We've earned the respect of companies the world over, and today we should all be proud to have played a part in this success.

To those who come after us, I believe we have triumphantly carried the torch through "A Century of Service." We hope you will carry it to an even greater degree.


Norman E. Gottschalk Jr.





100 Year Time Capsule

Frank Zbuckvich, Maintenance Person from
the Butler Branch, designed and constructed
the time capsule. Frank has been with the
company since 1961, and is pictured here with
President Norman E. Gottschalk Jr.
Marmon/Keystone executives place items
in the time capsule, which is kept in
the lobby of the Corporate Office.
The pipe and tubing sculpture that adorns the top of the time capsule.




Items Contained in the Time Capsule



* Reflections letter from the President of Marmon/Keystone, Norman E. Gottschalk Jr.

* Copy of the White House congratulatory letter signed by President George W. Bush

* 2007 List of employees

* 2007 Stock list

* 2007 Company calendar

* 2007 Quality Renewal Monopoly Money

* 2007 Commemorative edition of the Mar/Key newsletter

* 2007 Agenda and attendance lists from the SQS outing held July 16th

* Golf balls and tees, also given out at the SQS outing

* Marmon/Keystone anniversary flag

* Hat featuring the M/K 100 year logo

* Commemorative key chain, also given to employees

* Commemorative wind chimes, also given to top customers

* 1999 Metal Center News magazine article feature Service Center Executive of the Year Norman E. Gottschalk Jr.

* Purchasing magazine article from 1993 of five tips for finding the right service center supplier

* Butler Eagle article from June 29, 2007 on Marmon/Keystone's 100 years

* Sunday News Journal from New Castle, PA

* Butler, PA pictorial from 1970s featuring a page on Keystone Tubular Service Corporation (later renamed Marmon/Keystone)

* Pipeline, the former company newsletter

* Marmon/Keystone ad showcasing Harley-Davidson, from 1994

* Two advertisements on the M/K expansion into the Western U.S.

* Pictures of fire damage on January 28, 1970 to the Keystone Pipe & Supply Co. building, which was rebuilt and serves as the Corporate Office

* Two copies of the Quality video

* Quality Dollars

* List of the Butler Branch's top 20 accounts

* 1933 catalog for wire rope found in retired Butler Branch Maintenance Foreman Joe Graham's desk. The product was distributed by the company at one time.

* Tim Spatafore's business card from the 1970s

* Display of sales contest pins

* Commemorative plate from the Atlanta Open House on May 1, 1980

* Pocket knife that was given as a 1984 safety award for Atlanta employees

* Patch from Atlanta

* Scrapbook album of the Salt Lake City Branch

* Utah bell

* Sample of stainless over copper from the Los Angeles Branch

* Stainless Tube engraved with Denver and Kansas City employee names

* Brass plate from the safety award presented to Denver in 1989 for being the first branch in company history to go one year accident-free

* Picture of Denver's management staff

* Chicago Open House brochure

* License plate and die cast care from CAT, the Charlotte branch's top account

* Tubing license plate from former Charlotte district manager Ken Kinnaird

* Belt buckle from Bush Hog, the Birmingham branch's top account

* World's fastest motorcycle Bubba poster

* First M/K flag flown in Rochester, NY, acquired in 2006

* Hat from Victory Tube company, which was acquired by Marmon/Keystone in 2007

* Small clock that resembles a computer, advertising Direct Connect

* M/K branding iron given by Copperweld

* M/K Express hat

* Marmon Wasp car coffee mug

* Marmon Wasp die cast car

* Marmon Wasp returns pin, also given to employees in 1993

* Mr. Quality water globe giveaway

* Sunglasses giveaway

* Pock knife giveaway

* Tape measure giveaway

* M/K coaster advertising stainless bar



Congratulatory Letter from President George W. Bush