About Marmon/Keystone's History

About Marmon/Keystone

Our History  

1907 William Horwitz and partners opened a used pipe distributorship, Keystone Pipe & Supply, in Butler, PA to supply the booming oil well drilling industry. The first oil well, located in Western PA, was drilled in the 1850s.
1951 President William Horwitz retires, Maurice Horowitz assumes presidency.
1967 Keystone Pipe & Supply merged with Tubular Service Corporation of Springdale, PA, a tubular products distributor with branches in Springdale, Atlanta, Kansas City, Denver, Salt Lake City, Birmingham and Chicago.
The company is renamed Keystone Tubular Service Corporation.
Began stocking stainless pipe and tubing
1969 Location in Neenah, WI opens, later moves to Appleton, WI
1970 Keystone Tubular Service Corporation became a member of The Marmon Group of companies
Corporate office building in Butler, PA is destroyed by a major fire
1971 "Open Seam" company newsletter started (renamed "The Mar/Key" in 1983)
1972 Charlotte branch established
1974 Major expansion at East Butler, PA branch includes the first stacker system in the company, 2200 pans
Seattle location established
Kansas City location expanded
1975 Chicago branch relocated to 95th & Cottage Grove
Springdale facility phased into East Butler, PA location, including equipment and personnel
1976 Atlanta branch expanded
Houston branch is established
Southampton branch established.
1977 Worcester, Massachusetts location established
1978 Company name changed to Marmon/Keystone Corporation
Salt Lake City branch relocated
Minneapolis location opened (later closed)
Established Marmon/Keystone Canada Inc. in Burlington, Ontario
Established Montreal facility(Boucherville)
Maurice "Maury" Horowitz retired, Joe Turner named president
1979 Atlanta branch relocated to Norcross, Georgia
Chicago branch relocated to Lemont, the largest US warehouse of its kind
W. Lamar Wilkinson replaced Joe Turner as president
1980 Los Angeles sales office opened
Million $ sales club established (name changed to Mar/Key Club in 1982)
1982 Charleston branch opened (later closed in 1995)
1983 Began stocking aluminum products
1984 Established M/K Express Co., a trucking subsidiary in East Butler, PA
Southampton branch relocated to Clark Street
1987 Location in Orlando, FL opened
1988 Tubes, Inc. is acquired, with branches in Los Angeles and Fresno, CA
1989 Tulsa branch opened (later closed in 1991)
Constructed office building for Butler, PA branch - 11,500 sq. feet
Relocated Los Angeles branch to Pomona, CA, adding 147,500 sq. feet
Expanded Fresno branch by 15,000 sq. feet.
Expanded Burlington location by 31,606 sq. feet.
W. Lamar Wilkinson retired, Norman E. Gottschalk Jr. succeeds him as president
1990 Philadelphia branch established (later relocated to New Castle, Delaware)
1991 Initiated the Quality Improvement Process 
Pipe yard completed in Birmingham
Orlando location relocated, adding 11,315 sq. feet
Charlotte branch expanded by 27,500 sq. feet
Workplace Excellence award received from NASPD
1992 First annual company-wide Quality Renewal Celebration held
1993 Assets of Lyman Tubeco purchased, adding Winnipeg, Edmonton, Vancouver locations to Marmon/Keystone Canada
Opened newly-constructed 110,000 sq. ft. office/warehouse in New Castle, Delaware
Sponsored the Wasp II Indy car
1994 Marmon/Lyman renamed Marmon/Keystone Canada Inc, January 1st
Birmingham relocated to newly constructed facility, March
Initiated Supplier Quality System (SQS)
Butler branch is first in the company to earn ISO 9002 Certification, September
Sales office in Monterrey, Mexico established, November
Acquired Specialty Steels (Pechiney Co.), adding St. Laurent, Mississauga, Dartmouth, Coquitlam, Edmonton to Marmon/Keystone Canada
1995 Stainless bar, metric chrome bar added to product line
Canadian truck fleet replaced
1996 Marmon/Keystone website launched
JIT II concept initiated at New Castle branch
Computerized Test Report System installed
Vancouver, BC branch relocated to newly-constructed facility in Langley
Little Canada, Minnesota branch opened (later closed), May
Minneapolis location established, July
Future Metals, Inc. became a subsidiary of Marmon/Keystone, September
1997 Wheeler Tubes, Inc. of West Midlands, UK purchased, February
Paris sales office established (later closed), February
Burlington expansion completed, July
Beijing, China Development Office opened, October (closed in 1999)
STELplan iX conversion initiated, November
Acquired Pipe & Tube, Inc. of Salt Lake City and Elko, NV, December
1998 Chinese Government gives approval to do business, July
Acquired Bushwick Metals, Inc. of Bridgeport, Connecticut, November 20th
Huron Steel and Toledo Steel in Michigan become subsidiaries of M/K, November
Sacramento, CA location established, December 8
Began offering Value Added Services
1999 Toledo Steel became a branch of Marmon/Keystone, January
Canada moves Corporate headquarters to Burlington, January
Fastener Division relocated to Mississauga, August
President Norman E Gottschalk Jr. named "Service Center Exec of the Year"
2000 Truck fleet replaced at all US branches, May
M/K Wheeler Ltd. expansion completed
Acquisition of Azco Steel Co., subsidiary of Bushwick Metals, May
Value Added Services offered company-wide
Winnipeg expansion completed, August
Canada sold Fastener division, August
Computer systems upgraded in UK, Belgium, August
Atlanta expansion completed, August
E-Commerce Internet system developed
2001 Minneapolis expansion completed, July
Service center opened in Monterrey, Mexico, May
Sales office established in Jackson, Michigan, February
Paperless reporting system implemented, June
Stainless bar product line expanded, resulting in the most diverse inventory in the tubular products industry, July 
2002 Vendor Managed Inventory System upgraded, February
Marmon/Keystone won Silver Triangle Awards with first place two categories, May
Huron Steel became a branch of M/K, renamed M/K Huron Steel, June
Marmon/Keystone widened marketing base in Mexico, June
Future Metals broke ground for new headquarters, June
Bushwick Metals, Inc. acquired Fisher Bros. Steel Co., September 23rd
Richmond branch closed, November
2003 Future Metals relocated headquarters to Tamarac, FL, 2003
Roof collapsed at the New Castle branch, January
Bushwick Metals consolidated Azco Steel and Fisher Bros. locations, May
Toledo and Huron branches consolidated, June
Marmon/Keystone Canada Inc. consolidates Edmonton/Leduc facilities, August
2004 Michigan facilities consolidated and moved to Temperance, MI, January
Value Added partnership strategy developed, January
M/K Express celebrated 20th anniversary, March
New Castle, Delaware service center reconstruction completed, March
Warehouse established (30,000 sq. ft.) in McConnellsburg, PA, March
Detroit sales office opened, June
M/K Wheeler locations in UK sold, September
Annual safety record broken with 11 branches accident-free in 2004, December 31st
2005 New Value Added Services software introduced, March
Marmon/Keystone Canada Inc. replaced Eastern Canadian trailer fleet, May
Bushwick Metals, Inc. opened sales offices in Great Neck, N.Y. and Englewood, N.J., June
Bushwick Metals installs new ERP computer system, July
Break bulk facility established in Bucyrus, Ohio with lease of 150,000 sq.ft. facility, September
Annual safety record broken with 12 branches accident-free in 2005, December 31st
2006 Mexico City Satellite branch opened, June
Rochester, NY service center opened, July
Value Added offerings expanded, September
M/K Express shipped load number 200,000, October
Safety Record broken with 14 branches accident-free in 2006, December 31st
2007 Marmon/Keystone celebrated its 100th anniversary, January
Newly constructed satellite branch opened in Little Chute, Wisconsin, April
Marmon/Keystone Canada expanded into Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, April
Bushwick Metals acquired Koons Steel in Pa., May
Marmon/Keystone acquired Victory Tube in Cleveland, May
Marmon/Keystone Canada expanded Boucherville, consolidated Boucherville/Laval, July
Future Metals opened service center in the Netherlands, August
Marmon/Keystone adopted 80/20 principle, September
E-commerce, electronic invoicing upgraded, October
AZCO planned opening of service center in Arkansas, November
Berkshire Hathaway Inc. acquires majority interest in The Marmon Group,
December 25th
2008 Satellite branch opened in Ft. Worth, TX, February
State-of-the-art telephone system installed at Corporate office and Butler branch, May
Marmon/Keystone Canada acquired distribution assets of Summo Steel, May
Cleveland service center expanded by 20,000 sq. feet, June
Bushwick-Koons opened 120,000 sq. foot service center in Pottstown, PA, August
AZCO Steel opened a service center in Pomona, CA, October
Satellite branch opened in Sioux Falls, SD, December
Future Metals opened a service center in Singapore, December
2009 Marmon/Keystone opened a satellite in Queretaro, Mexico, June
Marmon/Keystone Canada constructed a new facility in Headingley, Manitoba, October
Marmon/Keystone installed video conferencing system, November
Annual safety record reaches new high of 21 accident-free branches, December 31st
2010 Marmon/Keystone Corporation became Marmon/Keystone LLC, January 1st
Future Metals, Inc. became Future Metals LLC, January 1st
Bushwick Metals, Inc. became Bushwick Metals LLC, January 1st
Future Metals opened service center in Connecticut, March
Marmon/Keystone Canada upgraded telephone system, July
Service center opened in Spring Valley, IL, August
2011 Value Added Services division established, January
Automated warehouse system introduced, April
Monterrey, Mexico operation expanded, June
2012 Birmingham branch destroyed by tornado, relocated to Pinson Valley Parkway, January
Norman E. Gottschalk Jr. named president of Marmon Distribution Services, Inc., J.T. "Tim" Spatafore succeeds him as president of Marmon/Keystone, January
Tulsa satellite location opened, February
Handheld digital warehouse automation devices introduced, April
Bushwick Metals acquired Tarco Steel and Metal Fab, September
Mexico City service center relocated and expanded, October
Future Metals' Texas service center upgraded to larger facility, December
2013 Marmon/Keystone launched Mobile App for customers, February
Newly-constructed Birmingham branch opened at Goodrich Drive, February
Marmon/Keystone Canada opened Quebec City satellite, April
Nashville satellite opened, May
Future Metals relocated, expanded operations in England, October
New McConnellsburg, PA building completed, November
Marmon/Keystone Canada constructed new Saskatchewan facility, November
Marmon/Keystone invests in new fleet of trailers, December

Marmon Distribution Services, Inc. president Norman E. Gottschalk Jr. retires, is succeeded by Alan L. Wilkinson, January
Future Metals opens Dayton, OH service center, January
Marmon/Keystone President J.T. "Tim" Spatafore retires, March


Marmon/Keystone Canada Expands Alberta Metals Service Center, August
Marmon/Keystone's LA Branch offers laser tube cutting, December