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As supply chain solutions provider with over a century of expertise in the metals industry with locations spanning across North America and being one of the largest distributors of tubing, pipe, and bar products. We take great pride having an average employee tenure of 15 years reinforcing our commitment of going beyond metal products.

Key Benefits

Full Medical Coverage

The company offers a choice of two medical plans that offer many resources and tools to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. Employees can enroll as early as day 1 with coverage effective day 1 of employment.

Dental and Vision Coverage

The company offers both dental and vision plans for employees. Employees can enroll as early as day 1 with coverage effective day 1 of employment.

Healthcare Savings Accounts

Depending on your medical coverage choice, you will have the option to contribute pre-tax payroll deductions to a health care savings account to help offset your annual deductible and pay for qualified health care expenses.


Choose from investing in a traditional 401k or Roth IRA plan with company match and fully vested from day one of employment.

Parental Leave

Parental Leave Employees may take up to 4 weeks parental leave to care for and bond with their child during the first 12 months after the child is born or has been placed with them for adoption.

Educational Reimbursment

We encourage employees to broaden their knowledge and increase their skills through education. You will be eligible for reimbursement if policy requirements are met including being an active full-time regular employee and have completed one year of service in good standing.

Current Open Positions

Before You Apply:

  • Your cooperation is requested in submitting resumes for current job postings only.
  • We will not maintain or respond to unsolicited resumes or responses.
  • Marmon/Keystone LLC is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Thank you very much for your interest in Marmon/Keystone LLC.